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Power Source:

For D.C. Tig Welding : DC Welding Rectifier sets Type MSR-20, MSR-30, MSR-40, MSR-50, MSR-60 are ideal for use on all weldable metals Stainless Steel (S.S.). Rectifiers are saturable reactor core type. Supply 3 Phase, 440 AC, 50 Hz, full wave, Silicon rectifier bridged. Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) 80 Volts, stepless current control, Forced air cooled, Class "F" Insulation.
For AC TIG Welding : AC/DC combined welding Rectifiers with 80 to 100 OCV available in all range & are economically ideal for the job of S.S. & AI. Separate Oil Cooled Arc Welding Machine are also available.

High Frequency Unit:

It consists of Solenoid valve for starting Argon Gas supply. Pre and Post flow timer for cooling of Tungsten electrode after welding. Unit is remotely controllable from foot paddle switch. It consists of well balanced LRC, circuit, spark gap unit & an air core transformer to prevent mains frequency from entering into the oscillating circuit.

TIG Welding Torch:

Water & Gas cooled Torches from 200 Amps to 600 Amps capacity is supplied with sturdy brass structure with Water/Gas cooled welding cable. It is equipped with its accessories such as Tungsten electrode, ceramic nozzle, long cap, short cap etc.

Flowmeter with Regulator:

Argon gas is precisely calibrated to discharge gas.

Water circulating unit:

Provided to cool TIG Torch.

Model MTA 20 MTA 30 MTA 40 MTA 50 MTA 60
Capacity Amps 200 300 400 500 600
  • All other specifications as per Welding Rectifiers.
  • HF Unit - Gas and Water Cool both are available.
  • Argon Torch - Water and Gas Cool provided with machines.
  • Argon flow meter and regulator with pipe provided with machines.
  • Water Supply to be provided by the party.